Sommelier Jason Kimmel


Jason Kimmel is third generation, son of Jim and Debby Kimmel. He is our family certified Sommelier and became so through the Guild of Sommeliers in 2014. He’s Currently expanding his knowledge and studies for the Master Sommelier certification. He is a French Scholar and is working towards the Master of Wine diploma.

His knowledge, appreciation, and understanding of all types of wine and regions around the world add value and quality to everything we do at Kimmel Vineyards. This enables him to consult the winery on land use, working with the winemaker, manager, and family on executive decisions.

After graduating from the University of San Diego with a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Real Estate, Jason has worked in commercial real estate for the last ten years. In his free time Jason enjoys tasting groups with other wine collectors and sommeliers, traveling to the brightest wine minds, surfing, and spending time on the Kimmel Ranch.