Sustainability At Kimwood Ranch


With four generations of feet on the ground at Kimwood Ranch, sustainability is a way of life; creating a legacy for future generations seeps into all aspects of ranch and vineyard care. If you come visit, you will find 35 vineyards acres surrounded by over 1,000 acres of natural habitat including meadows, creeks, mountains climbing to over 1,600 feet, clean, crisp air and plenty of room for adventure.

Since 2011, Kimmel Vineyards has been certified Sustainable by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance. Certification is overseen by Jill Kimmel Whitacre in cooperation with our vineyard management team, headed by Terry Allen.


Our Sustainable Mission

The long-term sustainability of our land, and therefore our home, is founded on winegrowing practices that are respectful of the environment, responsive to the needs and interests of society-at-large and are economically viable.

We strive to grow the best quality wine grapes to craft the highest quality wines while protecting our environment and conserving natural resources.

Maintaining and enhancing our land now for the use and enjoyment of generations to come just makes sense to us. It is part of being family and preserving what we value – Family, Friends, Great Wines & the Land. Ultimately, the care we take now will provide for future generations to continue producing the most extraordinary wines Mendocino has to offer.

Our Areas of Sustainability

  • Habitat Conservation & Care
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Air and water quality
  • Energy efficiency
  • Soil Management


Kimmel Vineyards is a beautiful piece of Kimwood Ranch which uniquely boasts acres of natural habitat brimming with botanical, wildlife and avian diversity. Long-standing oak trees remain untouched. Streams and creeks are left to flow naturally. In the vineyards themselves, resident cover-crop is given reign to grow in order to reduce soil erosion during the winter, while eliminating dust in the summer. Our soil has not been amended in many years, which means the terroir is precisely represented in the quality of grapes grown on our ranch.